miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

MadridSoundscape.org y Soinumapa.net en Studio Loos, Den Haag

Con algo de retraso me entero de un evento de cierto interés. El pasado 26 de marzo, en los estudios Loos en la Haya, Holanda, se realizó una presentación de dos proyectos de cartografía sonora urbana de cierta relevancia: MadridSoundscape.org (de quien ya hemos hablado antes) y Soinumapa.net (Arteleku, San Sebastián).

Del programa:


Line up:

Yolanda Uriz

Stephanie Pan
Our Lady of Late

Steilos Manousakis
Fantasia on a Single Number

Mikel R. Nieto, Pablo Sanz
madridSoundscape + Soinumapa

SOINUMAPA and MADRIDSOUNSDSCAPE are two platforms devoted to phonography and the appreciation of the acoustic dimension of our experience. Both work as online sound maps where anybody can participate uploading their own field recordings, which are located in a map and shared

Soinumapa was created in 2005 by Luz María Sanchez with the support of Arteleku´s Audiolab and since then, the project has evolved and continues growing. It has been present in different contexts in Spain and also internationally, such as in Tuned City in Berlin.

Madridsoundscape is a younger project, born in 2008 following a collaboration between the Association CRC, La Casa Encendida and Escoitar.org. The project is currently maintained by Manuel Calurano.

This is the first time that both soundmaps make a joint presentation, which will consist in a concert based on field recordings from the two regions.

Come and listen!


Podéis descargar el flier con el programa aquí.

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